Resilient Energy Planning


Greener by Design has worked with one of the most sustainable communities in New Jersey, Woodbridge Township, for the last 10 years.  At that time the Township completed the local government audits for all their municipal buildings. At the same time, Woodbridge with GbD's assist created a Climate Action Plan in order to establish baselines, assess the current status of the community and ultimately provide impactful goals for the future. Through the Climate Action Plan, Woodbridge has tracked and completed many of their goals and continues to make strides toward sustainability. Most recently, with GbD’s help Woodbridge has completed a resiliency report under the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ Town Center Distributed Energy Resource Microgrid Feasibility Study Incentive Program. The grant study was award to several New Jersey communities to explore the development and implementation of a microgrid which involves distribution of local during emergency and non-emergency times, while also reducing the reliance of environmental resources. The latest study built upon Woodbridge’s initial grant study awarded from the Gardinier Environmental Fund through Sustainable Jersey’s Small Grants program. In 2018  Woodbridge was awarded Gold Star Standards in Energy. 

Additionally, GbD assisted Camden, Hudson County, Neptune and Galloway Township in similar studies for the NJ BPU.

GbD worked with Jersey City and Princeton in completing extensive Greenhouse Gas reports. Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Carbon footprints are used to assess the sources and quantities of the carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and better understanding of what sectors are creating the most emissions. GbD assisted both communities in measuring and tracking carbon emissions on both the municipal and community level. Additionally, GbD help set realistic and achievable goals for greenhouse gas reductions and search for multiple ways to mitigate emissions levels and create fundamental policy change.